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Colorful Notebooks


Below are a few resources that our instructor's have thoughtfully picked out to help learners throughout their driving journey.

Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) Sample

Driver Knowledge Test

Passing the driver knowledge test is the first step in the driving journey in Australia. It is an online test that asses how well you know the Australian road rules & regulations. 

More information and practice driving test are readily available in multiple languages.

A guide to the driving test cover image

Driving Test Guide

Sitting a driving test can make a learner nervous. A Guide to the Driving Test is available for all learners to help them understand what to expect during the driving test. All our students are very well prepared and know what to expect in the driving test. However, having this guide handy can be reassuring!  

Road User Handbook NSW cover image

Road User Handbook

Practical and theoretical knowledge are two keys to success. The Road User Handbook is a great tool to understand the meaning of road signs, road rules and the everyday practices of driving. You can get a copy of the handbook from your instructor or your local Services NSW centre.

Hazard Perception Test Practice sample question

Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard Perception Test, also known as HPT is an interactive test with videos of various scenarios. You must click on the video when there is an hazard and you need to slow down. 

The best website to practice your HPT test is South Australia's version of the HPT test. NSW doesn't have a HPT practice test platform and the South Australia one is very similar to the actual test. 

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the videos in the practice test and practice well ahead of your actual test. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your driving instructor for help. 

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