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Terms & Conditions
Applicable to All Enrolled Students

Service Delivery & Inclusions

  1. All individual sessions are 45 mins regardless of the package, except for the free Keys2Drive lesson. We will book at least 2 driving sessions each time, however, we may book more than 2 driving sessions depending on the learner's skill, planned lesson plan & the learner's location. 

  2. All driving sessions are one-to-one sessions except for the Keys2Drive lesson where a supervisor is required to accompany the learner for the full lesson. 

  3. The test package cost only includes the use of the driving school’s car for the duration of the test and does not include any test fees for Services NSW, sessions before the test or driving instructor's time during the test.

  4. The school is responsible for getting regular checks done on the vehicle to ensure it is appropriate for driving test use. If for any unforeseen reason the car is not accepted for use during the driving test - the school will immediately arrange for another vehicle. However, there is no guarantee that the vehicle will be the same as the one learner has practiced on. If the school fails to provide a car then the learner will be eligible for a refund of the "use of car for test" service fees. 

  5. All session packages are only valid for 12 months, unless specified otherwise. Any unused sessions within the package will lapse after that period of time. 

  6. Please check your reminder SMS for the exact time of the session as this may vary according to your and the instructor’s availability. 

  7. The recommended number of sessions required is only an estimation based on your performance on the first session. The actual number of hours required to pass the test may change depending on your on-going learning through regular availability and learning capability. 

  8. The instructor is allowed to make contact with your hand (if required and with permission) to help teach steering methods and as a safety method in case of an oncoming accident. 

Service Costs & Payments

  1. All services must be paid 100% in advance and at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson or driving test.

  2. All published prices are exclusive of GST. All payments must be made via bank transfer to the account details specified at the bottom of the invoice. 

  3. Any cheque payment to be addressed to “MONARCH DRIVING SCHOOL”. 

  4. All card transactions will yield a 3% surcharge. 

  5. If you choose to pay individually for each session, the per session base rate will be between $65 - $85 depending on the vehicle transmission and lesson plan.

  6. The total per session price may vary depending on the student's availability and instructor's availability. A session may cost up to $30 more than it's base rate, depending on the available time slot.

Excess Fee Waiver & Infringements

Excess Fee Waiver
  1. I am liable for any accident/damage occurred during the session and/or test and I understand that I would need to pay the excess or repair charges. The excess fee may range from $2000 - $4000 regardless of who is at fault and the excess is payable directly to the insurance company. The learner can opt-in to our excess fee waiver program at an extra cost. Through this program, our company will pay all excess fee to the insurance company on behalf of the learner and the learner does not have to pay anything. The cost of the excess fee waiver program is as follows:

    • $50 per package​

    • $50 per month

    • $50 for Car for Driving Test (including exclusive third-party cover) 

    • $100 per quarter (3 months)

    • $300 per year

  2. Monarch Driving School has all necessary insurances in place and the learner is protected at all times. The excess fee waiver is completely optional and only applicable if the learner does not want to pay anything in case of an accident. 

  3. The learner must make a decision to opt-in to the excess fee waiver in their first lesson, in the 2nd lesson of their package or as specified by the instructor. 

  4. I understand that I am liable for any driving offences made during the session and/or test and I will take full responsibility including the demerit points and penalty charges. 

Cancellation Policy

  1. All sessions cancelled with more than 12 hour notice period will be rescheduled according to the available session slots. 

  2. A 100% cancellation fee will be applicable for driving sessions cancelled with less than 12 hours notice and test packages cancelled with less than 7 days notice. 

Marketing & General Admin

  1. I give permission to use my photos on social media, the website and any other media for promotional, feedback or marketing purposes. 

  2. Customer feedback is very important to us and we will soon be releasing a formal feedback form that our customers can use to provide feedback with their name or anonymously. 

  3. We are required to keep a record of our learners' personal data such as name, date of birth, licence number, address & structure lesson plan for a period of 5 years for auditing and reporting purposes. This data is confidential information and is not shared with any person, company or third party without the learners' written consent. 

  4. We may use third party platforms to track your interactions on the website for marketing and website improvement purposes only. This data does not capture any personally identifiable information and purely generic. For complete details please review our Privacy Policy.

  5. Our website is built by and we use it as our customer relationship management platform. Hence, learners' may receive automated emails for their form submissions, invoicing or lesson reminders via the Wix platform. 

Website Changes

  1. Changes to the website, offer details and services may be made from time to time. If you continue to browse through our site after changes have been made, then it will be assumed that the changes have been understood by you. 

  2. The terms & conditions outlined on this page may also change from time to time. All changes will be notified by publishing a copy of the updated terms & conditions on our site. 

  3.  If you continue to use our site after publication of such updated terms & conditions, you will be deemed to have read and understood the terms of the updated terms & conditions. 

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